‘Keep Dreaming, Dream Big,

Because if dreams die, life becomes a broken winged bird which cannot fly’

One of our former Presidents, ‘Missile Man’ Dr A P J Abdul Kalam once said that the Dreams are not those which comes while we are sleeping, but dreams are those when u don't sleep before fulfilling them.”

Essential question for you young man is, do you dream? Dream about your future. When did you last dreamt about your career? What was that dream about? Have you written down any detailed narrative about your dream? Dreaming is very essential because only when you dream of making something happen, the process of happening starts. Only by dreaming you can make something get a proper shape. Based on your beautiful dream and on your courage to work hard for it things take the constructive turns.

Does it look funny? Or do we need to give a serious thought to this. If we do not dream about our future, how can we set goals? Yes I said goals, there may be many short term goals leading to the ultimate goal.

I dream of becoming an I A S officer, based on this dream I set my goal of life and state that  I want to become an I A S officer. That is my long term goal of life. If so then I have to set short term goals. All my short term goals should be leading to and supportive to fulfilling my long term goal. I have to complete graduation, I should keep myself well informed about contemporary issues, I should read both character building and knowledge building books,  I should take up coaching or make a systematic self study schedule, all these are my short term goals. Eventually your dream gets bigger, You dream of becoming the Chief Secretary of a State, then your dream of becoming the Chief Secretary gets converted to be your long term goal and the goal of becoming an IAS officer will take the form of short term

I dream high but do not pursue my dream, where will I reach. If I keep on dreaming and not working on it, what is the use? Our dreams should be followed up by specific plans of action. We can reap only if we sow and work on what we have sown. I want to score 98 marks and my preparation is not upto that mark, who is to be blamed? I read 8 hours today and do not even touch the book for next three days! Can it be called organized preparation? I want to become a Tahasildar and even till I finish my post graduation I make no attempt to find out the way out, who will help me?

Many a times we find people who keep on compromising with their dreams and also with their goals.  When people find it difficult to fulfill the targets they should change the methods of working instead many change their goals and try to get contended with lesser levels. This is a major hurdle in achieving higher levels.

Dream high, set higher goals and work for it. Tougher the struggle harder the way and whatever achieved by harder struggle will give you greater joy. Every human being is endowed with enough capacities to reach the heights. If we don’t put our fullest possible energy into use nobody can help us reach the pinnacle. Be very clear with what you want to achieve and go behind it. If you say you will, you surely will.