Success comes to those who Dare and Act,It seldom goes to timid.

Stephen Quadros Permude.

Every Individual wishes to succeed in life. We need to and we should succeed. But if you only wish and if you do not work for it! What is the use and how will you succeed?  We are always told that ‘Hard work is the key to success’ Modern man has identified one more key, that is smart work. Either hard work or smart work you need to work. Therefore it is told, if you do not work you shall not eat.

As a student you are always inspired to work hard. Remember it is always 1% inspiration but 99% perspiration.  You might have taken guidance from teachers, motivation from many trainers. Teachers, trainers and many others fill spirit in you, but it is you who should take the first step. Remember every long journey starts with the first step.

When we start working, shall we not make proper preparations? What are the components of our preparation?  The preparation is not for some picnic or for some excursion, it is for our life. This requires a well organized preparation and a long drawn plan. Plan carefully, well planned will be well begun and well begun is of course half done.  

First Step to any preparation towards success lies in believing in ones own self. You are made by god and he has filled his own self in him. Creator has sent us with all capacities, skills, talents and opportunities, we need to explore them and put them to proper use, that is all.

Fear not when you are faced with challenges. Every new challenge is a step towards further opportunity. Every challenge makes you stronger.

Become a Early Bird – Be in the look out and start early. Path breaking is a tough job, but when going gets tough-tough get go. Follower needs a leader but a leader will be followed.  

Always be first to read, write and then to speak. Do not haste to present your views, first learn about various views which are prevailing around. Listen carefully, Hear attentively, then only will you be heard; and that too with respect. Reading makes one rich; real rich.

Go for a specialization in whatever you study.  Rarer the thing is greater the demand is. Something which is unique is always sought after. If you are just a graduate your success rate in the modern job market is so much limited and if you start going up and up on the ladder your chances automatically rise.

However intelligent you may be, still you need a career adviser. For that you need not go behind an international expert, well informed friend, a considerate teacher, career counselor will be of effective use to you. Utilize such career services which are easily accessible.

Take interest in things which are of good use. Get involved in the happenings with a positive mind. When you get involved you will gain practical experience. You need to learn many relevant skills, Add on courses may help you but your involvement will surely of better use in this regard. Times are changing very fast and if you do not change, nobody will wait for you. Remember, ‘Change is the only unchanging rule of nature’

Net working is very important in your journey towards Career Success. Never forget your teachers, friends, various guides, do not ever burn the boats. Never give up.

Wish good to yourself . It is possible when you learn to wish good to others. May you succeed All the best.