You do not exist – you are good for nothing!!!!!!.


You do not exist – you are good for nothing!!!!!!.

The heading may be confusing or irritating or making you feel angry, negative as well as misleading!!. I used it to stimulate you – to make the young read the article till the end - bear with me.

It is rightly said, ‘you live only once, but live better’. It’s a common flaw that nowadays youth are blamed for one reason or the other. It used to happen with the earlier generation as well. Probably in a slower gradation as the education was taking the upper hand than the modern way where technical environment is pre-dominant. 

I heard it said, ‘the world’s one third population is youth’ i.e. above the age of 14 and below 35. This means if all youth survive till the age of 70, the next 35 odd years the world will be moved by the present youth and their way of thinking, behaving, planning and their interest which is seen and visible today. 

It is very amazing to know the interests of the youth today. Each one have their own way of understanding the situation as they wish and their behavior pattern and attitude towards the existentialities. The older values are been replaced with many new, especially culture and nature. Either they have their own ‘go’ or they haven’t with the exception of some who are still in search of!!!. 

I would like to mention about the youth though sounds negative to the eyes of the reader, infact this stage is either passed or on the present move. i.e. youth are busy with what they are not aware of. I found them that they have reduced themselves to less less and less and gone to a world of 2 aspects. The first is  they eat less, sleep less, work less, less in creativity, their real aim or goal in life and motivation is poor. They are just led by the wind either by their friends or by bad company. Obedience, respect, discipline, following the achievements of great personalities and their teachings and their way of life’s achievements, and take them as model is something unthinkable to them. As rightly said by a great reflector ‘behind every person there ought to be a guru, and ahead a guri’ (goal). This is not seen in most of the youth today.

The second aspects they look for mainly is friendship and android phone. One can observe that if these two things are there, they do not need even food and rest. Parents are lost, because there is no obedience and respect. Grand parents and relatives are silent because the youth seem to be no longer need them. Thus the society seems to be broken in relationship.

Now what the youth can do – a few suggestions:

1. Do have a time table of your feasibility and do strictly follow it.

2. Whatever you do, do take parents first into confidence and do not cheat or hurt or offend them.

3. Keep in touch with friends and relatives how and as necessary but don’t get enslaved by them.

4. Have a great love for the poor – especially friends and relatives and immediate neighbours.

5. Read or listen to the great personalities and see how you can build your real ‘me’ come up.

6. Have one goal and do not bow to anything but achieve it. Do not work hard but SMART. Let this goal be not religion motivated / criminal or of destructive / immoral and unethical. 

7. Give up the company of the one who is not helpful to you or who does not go with your thought or you can not correspond to his/her ideas or one who hinders you to achieve your goal.

8. Believe in God and yourself alone. Trust in divine providence only.

9. Believe in the blessing of your parents and enjoy the company of them and of your siblings.

10. Family be your first home, learning Institution, play ground and open have a formula of your learning.


The above case is not in all the youth but as seen from experience with most. You cannot think negative and live positive. Take one day at a time.’ A burning candle lights another looses nothing’. Let the life of the youth be their own life and so their ‘real me’ stand up. The birds fly from one distance to the other even crossing the ocean but they have a goal shared and thus they take turn to fly and help each other to push the air with the capacity of the wings and make others also fly and reach the destiny. Hence be useful and far sighted so that youngsters’ future should tension free, joyful and peaceful. Often they are the product of appreciation rather than correction when they went wrong. If one wishes to travel 100 miles, he has to start with step one then the second. I wish all the youth a better life and future where they are the happiest human beings ever lived on this world. Wish you all the best young people.


Henry D Souza SFX