Life is not as it is but as we see it - Anaïs Nin


I have picked the title from the writings  of famous French Cuban Noveslist   Angela Anaïs Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell


Two men saw out of the bars, one saw stars the other stones’ 


Every individual has different perspective about life. Some of us see positive aspects of whatever happens. While some keep blaming that life is hard. While some are always looking at thw beautiful side of the garden some others can see, only dry leaf and waste scattered along the way. How is that some of us are capable some of us change the circumstances around them and some change themselves as per circumstances.


 As such the outer world is just  a reflection of our inner world. How you feel is how you see the world. We see life not as it is but as we are. If you are stable internally, nothing in the outer world can shake you. If you are happy internally, events outside can not affect you. However, if your happiness depends merely on external environment and people, you will struggle for lasting happiness.


Some people play the game of their life as per their own rules while some simply respond to the surroundings. Remember: No matter how hard the circumstances are, you have the power to override them. Your circumstances are powerless without your power. As Charles F. Lummis said, “I am bigger than anything that can happen to me.”


The good news is, we can choose our thoughts and so the quality of our life. Once you become aware of the facts that you can take control of your mind, you can control your life. You can live a life of your purpose.


  If you have self-limiting beliefs, you will keep underestimating yourself. The only thing can break your pattern is to doubt your self-limiting beliefs. Our beliefs shape our life. However, if you believe that you cannot do something, you would not able to do it so keep it positive. Positive thinking, however, has deep roots in serious research. Barbara Fredrickson , a positive psychology researcher ,discusses how positive thinking can change the way you think about your life.


According to Fredrickson, a healthy balance of positive and negative emotions is essential to overall health. People should cultivate positive thinking in themselves and those around them because it not only nurtures psychological growth, it also fuels resiliency. Resilient people have energetic approaches to life, are curious and open to new experiences, and are positive thinkers. As an adult, we need to give ourselves permission to play, and yes—smile! Play produces a sense of adventure, and that leads to to contentment and joy as we build new skills. The upward spiral leads to new success, which leads to more positive thinking, and on it goes

Most of the decisions we take unconsciously based on these beliefs. Therefore, if you have strong beliefs that you can do something, you will take positive action. If you have doubt that you cannot do, you will tend to avoid it by making excuses. “Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy ”  it is your choice what you belive in  but the thing you belived in will change your life


Our beliefs are based on references and experiences of ourselves and other persons. We can find references to support or oppose our beliefs. It is essential to focus on the references or experiences to support the belief that you can do it and never see yourself as a victim. If something goes wrong, we claim victimhood and blame someone else for our situation. We don’t like what someone says, or the way they look at us, we scream “micro-aggression” and seek a safe place where we know we’ll be coddled until our little tantrum ends. In the real world, not everyone is a winner and nothing is free.We are mentally tough when we acknowledge and accept responsibility for our life.


We cannot dodge responsibility for it. The worst thing we can do is take on the role of victim, make excuses, or blame others. This is a lie we tell ourselves, and it prevents us from reaching success.It’s your choice if you let the actions of other people affect you in a negative way. If you always take things personally, you make yourself a victim of what others think and do. All this does is to give people power over you, and quite frankly, it’s self-absorbed to live this way.Do you really believe that everything is always about you?

You are born to live life your way. Your thoughts create your life. It is the time to nourish your thoughts. It is time to overcome the beliefs that are limiting you. Do not wait anymore. Take a step ahead. Do it now. You dream life i