We and Covid - 19


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone's life. The range of impact differs according to whether a person is (i) healthy and in lockdown, (ii) COVID-19 positive yet asymptomatic and in mandatory quarantine, (iii) COVID-19 positive with mild symptoms in quarantine and surveillance, and (iv) COVID-19 positive with moderate-to-severe symptoms being treated in a designated hospital. Along this spectrum, persons would face varying degrees of social isolation. 

Social distancing efforts have led us to see connection as a threat rather than strength. Yet, the health of our communities depends on each of us taking individual actions to help others. No human on earth will be untouched in one or the otherway by the extraordinary tangling disease that istearing apart thelives of millions of people.

The terminology of LOCKDOWN, an attempt to "flattenthe curve" of the infections by many countries is justconfining citizens to their homes. 

Hike inunemployment, global food scarcity, economic crisis,mental illness and the list just goes on and on.The time to fill our hearts and mind with deeds thatresemble kindness, things that bring up a smile onfellowmen's face, are of utmost importance during thispandemic.

Engaging ourselves in doing something productive cankeep us busy which is just better than busy worryingabout something.Do things when the opportunities show up and thislockdown is the best time to find ourselves in

aposition to think more about time.Time: the greatest gifts of this pandemic.

- Just like every other challenging time in history, this time will too pass, and we will bounce back again. In the meantime, it's important to remember that there are ways to help keep your mind balanced and stay motivated while staying at home.

1. Set small daily goals

It's important to recognize that these aren’t normal times, and your productivity is likely not at its peak right now. And that’s okay.

Setting daily goals can help you to make your day as productive as possible, but be realistic with the goals you set. 


2. Schedule virtual get-togethers with friends

Social distancing can be the hardest part of this pandemic, especially people who enjoy the social aspect of getting together. But that doesn’t have to stop and you don’t have to say good-bye to your social life.


3. Prioritize your mental health

At this time it is vitally important to take care of your stress level.

The ultimate goal would be to arrive at standardized systems of yoga therapy which can be integrated into mainstream health care, after having sufficient research-based information about their efficacy, safety, and mechanisms of action.

4. Be okay with not being highly productive right now

Some days you are highly motivated and get do more tasks than you had planned, but some days you are not much productive. Its okay, nothing is normal right now, and we all need to listen to ourselves. Staying motivated can be tricky, but you can help creating realistic tasks and saving time to care for yourself.

The pandemic has showcased how much our daily lives depend on the efforts of essential workers — e.g., nurses, doctors, grocery store clerks, postal workers, delivery drivers, child care workers, other healthcare workers and researchers — many who often go unrecognized. These people are serving our country by providing critical care and resources. Without them, fear, chaos, and illness would overwhelm our communities

Spend this valuable time by doing something whichmakes you happy and proud of yourself at some pointin the future when you recall these days.

Spread joy and kindness:

Youth are finding small ways to spread joy and kindness in the midst of this crisis, including public art displays with words of encouragement. and artwork  in windows are reminding people that we’re together. Others are creating fun (and safe) ways for their neighbors to connect and still  promote social distancing. Some are sending notes and artwork to nursing homes where physical visits are not possible, and to socially isolated grandparents. Not all gestures need to be grand, of course. Joy and connection can also come from something as simple as looking someone in the eye and saying “hello” or a wave as you pass each other.

Don't just have the bitter memories of this pandemic; make life better with the resources available on hand.

Sun should rise after the sunset. Be kind, Be generous STAY SAFE and NEVER GIVE UP.

By Fabian Vaz