Cosmic Home


Cosmic Home

Sr M Dona Sanctis BS

The cosmic home is built with the sky as the roof and the earth as the floor. It is well furnished with hills, valleys, mountains, and oceans. The green grass serves as carpet on the floor with vitality. The colourful flowers, trees, and plants paint the house with their hue and lustre. The sun gives light during the day and the moon in the night. The galaxy full of stars twinkle joyfully in their luminous dance. The cosmic home is made with all living and nonliving beings. All have their unique identity which make cosmic home gorgeous. A new life emerges everyday with beauty, variety, and the joy of being born. It is a home to share life and celebrate life. In such a home God has placed human beings as the crown of creation.  

The Creator God is the owner of the cosmic home. The owner God has no gender, no colour, no territory, but the great power animates everything with love. Love is the only power God enfolds and communicates. God whispers the words of wisdom and love at every moment and tries to translate them in expressions and daily events the human beings can understand. God is experienced by all beings in diverse ways and worshipped with different names. The smile of a little baby, the chirping of the birds, the buzz of the bees, the rhythm of the flying butterflies sing the glory of God. The change of seasons, the showering of snow and rain, the dry and fertile ground tell daily the love story of God. The human beings with resources of mind and heart reflect the image of God in the cosmic home, enjoying the beauty of creation and making use of it delightfully day after day. Thus, a symphony is created due to the differences in beauty, variety, festivity, and creativity in wonder and praise of the owner of the cosmic home.

The human beings, flora, fauna, all animate and inanimate beings are the residents of cosmic home. According to the present estimation, billions of people belong to one great human family with earth as their mother. She is not only the mother of human beings but all beings exist in this cosmic home. As a young mother, she embraces everyone with warmth, love, and affection. She is a benevolent mother who accepts everyone with their uniqueness. All can take shelter on her soft lap and enjoy the security and care she offers. All forms of life are generated, nurtured, sustained, and contained in the womb of our mother earth. Each one is nourished by her daily, with her potential resources for living. Thus, all are privileged to rest secure in the comic home.

Having marvelled at the natural beauty of the cosmic home, we also see how the members of the cosmic family are a threat to one another. The violence against life due to hunger, poverty, injustice, discrimination based on gender, class, colour, and religion destroy cosmic home greatly. In this crises, we lose our dignity and the joy of living together. "What has gone wrong?", is the question often asked, awakens our consciousness for transformation. There is a growing need for renovation of cosmic home.  It takes the mode of protection to life and preservation of species. The quest for protection, justice, and peace of the cosmos emerges from all directions of the cosmic home. New forms of spiritualities and humanitarian streams of knowledge contribute to human and cosmic welfare when implemented with concern and respect for one another. I am convinced that the constructive measures have greater power over the destructive forces in order to restore the cosmic home to its natural beauty.

The cosmic home provides us with a universal family. There is more space for learning and to enrich life. It is a home rich with enough resources for everyone’s need and not for the greed of a few. When our dominion in this cosmic home is transformed into love and responsibility, I am sure, it will be a better place to all to live with freedom and dignity as together we form one great family. Don’t you think that we can rebuild our cosmic home once again by joining hands globally and act locally? Let us rejuvenate our life in the cosmic home!