Education is the most powerful weapon


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This quote by Nelson Mandela is one of the most impactful lines ever said on the value of education.


Good morning to my dear friends, Today, I would like to speak a few words  on the importance of Education and discipline. We all know that education is the key element of everyone’s life today. Every individual is born with the capacity to think and judge. Learning is a never-ending process; every human being keeps on learning till the end of life. As they say Education is from womb to the tomb. Hence Education is very important for personal development as well as for the socio-economic development of our country.

By definition, Education is the systematic mode through which students are instructed, and imparted knowledge in a school, college or any other institutionalorganization..

Everyone should have the right to educate themselves and grow in life. The basic purpose of education is to guide human beings and build their character. It is not enough to be a well educated person; one must always find solace being compassionate and in helping others as well. We should try our best to create a positive change in the society. Education should be a road toward the rise of humanity. The true meaning of life is working for the betterment of humanity and this is impossible without education. Education has power to revolutionize the whole world.


Education makes people aware of their duties and what is ethical and unethical in life. It helps in emotional integration. An educated population knows how to co-exist and cooperate with their peers and colleagues. Hence, to attain world peace, justice, freedom and equality, Education is essential. Education, in all forms and at any point in life, plays an indispensable role in our lives. Thus, in the end, we find that education is a significant factor for achieving success, building character, and for living a wholesome and happy life.



To achieve this in life,we have to discipline ourselves. If you want to get your future better, you have to cross your bridge of discipline.Discipline should be found in our daily routine. The future belongs to the disciplined people. So when you have an opportunity, seize it then and there. And then see the power, see the brilliance , see the beauty and the privilege. . Opportunities knock at your door only once and you have to grab it then and there. Your success is in your truth and belief in yourself,. Success is wrapped up in the truth, that what you believe,  you are destined to become. Define it in your mind, what success looks like for you., define it. When you do not define, and have a definite goal in life, you tend to waste  hours on the internet watching movies and playing games and so on. When we do not define our  purpose or goal in life, we are not crystal clear on our future!!! Then everything fails. we can achieve what we want when we are clear about our goal. A wise  man said  “Conquer yourself,! What does it mean? We have to be dedicated. The only way to get dedicated is to eliminate all distractions and when you are dedicated  , every distraction gets blocked out, you will definitely turn your phone off, turn all technology off and you will concentrate and focus on your studies and try to reach your goal and may take you to the road of success.

Sosay loudly to yourself






To fulfil our aim, we need to have perseverance, and disciplined life style. and such people persevere and reach their goal with  a target, self motivation, the brilliance and the power of NOW.


What is motivation? It is a reason to act in a particular way. A person can be self motivated by observing one's own relatives, friends, who are serving in  high positions like the Commissioner of police, DCs, IAS officers Professors, teachers and so on and so forth.Sometimes we are motivated by our parents and teachers. By motivation and encouragement, you keep certain goals, aims and aspirations in mind and  focus on your studies without any distractions.Why do you think there are many DCs, IPS officers from Bihar, Jarkhand and Rajastan?Right from their middle school,from Class 6 onwards, children are motivated and guided for these UPSC examinations and here in our State we hardly find any. Only in 1993, 2000, 2016 we had one IAS  toppersfrom Karnataka. We now have  Michelle Crasta from Mangalore, though not a topper she was able to clear it in her first attempt.  You know she comes from such a rural background, a  small village in DK ,self motivatedand a recent achievement of  a Mangalorean  RuthDSilva in CA examination who says Just a month’s hard work paid.We should  feel proud to say that she is the first lady to hold the first rank in CA exam. How could they achieve it? It is only by self motivation and hard work. There are brilliant students who cannot afford to go to good schools and achieve what they dream. One more example I can quote of  a  daughter of a Cycle Rickshaw puller who was an IAS topperin 2018 and you know what she did after she got the result, she herself pulled the cycle Rickshaw and made her father sit in it, and took him on a round to show her gratitude and tell people, how  in such poverty  her father gave education to his daughter.  There are enough and more number of examples of self motivated students who chased their dreams despite poverty . Our institutions also are bound to motivate children by ear-marking  at least 30 per cent of free seats, especially in English medium schools, as only through quality education provided will churn out intelligent students. This will give impetus to students of poor back ground and motivate them to give their best.



So dear students, my suggestion to you all is


Be motivated.

Have a dream --a big dream, chase that dream with all your efforts, passion, commitment and dedication and self motivation. Work hard to fulfill your goal.


Wishing you all the very best for your future .


Thank you.

Grace Noronha