You are working very hard, still not attaining your goals! What is lacking? Maybe SMART WORK. If our future should be smart, our plan also should be SMART. Make a SPECIFIC Plan, It should be MEASUREABLE and ACCURATE always REALISTIC and TIMEBOUND. This requires a blending of Hard work and Smart work.

Our planning should be specific. Build on a hard rock, only then your edifice will face the waves and stand strong. Organize not on dreams but on actual. What do you want to become? An officer, good, which sector?, Public sector? Private Sector, Semi Government, Banks? Railways? Which level, Higher Levels, Middle Levels, Lower Levels? Where? Within India,   Outside India? Write down your Plan. Repeat it , Rewrite and check whether your career plan is specific.    

What do you mean by being measurable? You must know the width, breadth and the depth of your life plan. Raise all possible questions about your career plan, When to do, what to do, how to do. Check the financials, Check the possibilities, Persons involved, Man hour needed etc. go on answering your own questions, Sometimes even a good friend, a teacher will be useful to you in raising objective questions for you. What are the pros and cons, consider and work on it.

Accuracy is very important in any planning. Being accurate you will bridge the loose ends. You want to reach somewhere; you will reach only if you had made accurate plans for the entire journey. To plan your career with all accuracy, you need to speak to career counselors or at least your teachers and parents. (You can raise your doubts with us we will help you for free – )

Be realistic; consider your interest, capacities and talents. Consider the financials, family requirements, market demands etc. It is good to plan big, dream big but it is also important to start from the basics. You can jump to sky only after you have mastered the skill of jumping across your corridor. Never depend on fate but be realistic in your approach. Ask yourself about your own Possibilities, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

You will succeed only if you plan everything based on a specific time frame. What is your action plan, divide it into microscopic parts and schedule timing for everything. Share time based on priority.  In the school/ college you have time table, do u have one at home? It would be useful if we have one. Time is precious and time doesn’t wait for anybody. You need to work with whatever time you have and work in a time bound manner. In your planner you must put up a schedule of journey, where will you be after 6 months, where will you reach next year, so on and so forth.  

When you plan in a smart manner, all chances that you will succeed in a smart manner.- Wish you all the best.