Hard Work


Is hard work a mere quality of individuals or a necessity for the success of individuals?  Most of us think that working hard is a quality or a special feature of certain people. But History has proved that no man can achieve his life goals without a dedicated and continuous hard work. As such capacity to work hard is the real wealth of every human being and every person is endowed with this capacity.  No one can achieve success without working hard. Why then do most of us think we cannot work hard? It is nothing but a very lame excuse.

We have heard statements like ‘Hard work is the key to successes. ‘Hard work always pays off, ‘Hard work can turn sludge into gold’. Hard work starts from where we stop looking for alternatives. Undoubtedly therefore hard work is the secret of success. We all know that laziness and sluggishness makes our life a bane and only hard work can turn it into boon.

There are umpteen examples to prove the fact that hardworking individuals have reached the heights of glory and changed the agreed narrative. Dr BabaSaheb B R Ambedkar coming from a very backward community reached the height of glory not only as the maker of Indian Constitution but also as one of the greatest scholar of Politics, Law and Economy of his times. This is only because of commitment, dedication and hard work.

No person can achieve his goals without steady and systematic hard work. If you want to reach the pinnacle you need to struggle, never ever think of the shortcuts, because as we all know and might have experienced that the short cuts will cut us short.

Just look around, Railway lines, Ships, Palaces, Flyovers, Roads, Malls. All of them are just and just built by the systematic hard work of the labourers. Of course we see the end product but those who have sweated out in hot sun cutting the stones and mixing the cement have seen the coming up of that building step by step and today looking at the result of their hard work they are happy. In the same manner one who toils to build his life, his career will be happy to look back at thew hard work he had put in his life and look ahead for the possibilities he has.

If you work hard today you will surely benefit, there is no chance of any loss due to hard work. If you work hard you will benefit, you will achieve your goals, if nothing turns out to be positive at least you will gain the experience of having worked hard.

by working hard. A painter, writer, poet etc, everyone get his reward on the basis of their hard work. There are  people who give more importance to their luck rather than working hard. And later on, when they fail, they blame their luck only which is very absurd. What can luck do if a person himself is not ready to work hard? Such people are fatalists, they are like the ones  who wait for the rains and when the rains come they are not ready to make use of the natural gift and blame the nature. Such people never succeed and even if they, by accident succeed that is not a success to be celebrated or felt happy about.

Even nature works hard for us, We have been believing that the Sun rises every morning and sets on its time every evening, since time immemorial this has been given as an example for systematic hard work.  Birds and animals work hard for getting their food. Plants and trees make food with the help of chlorophyll by the process of photosynthesis. Human being is the best creature in the world. But a lazy person is a problem for himself as well as to other fellow human beings.

 A poor can gain wealth and become rich by working hard. Hard work is also helpful in reducing the problems of unemployment, poverty and failures in life. We can take the examples of the great personalities of our country. If Mahatma Gandhi and the other great leaders of our country had not worked hard for getting freedom for the country, then we might have still remained as the colony of the British.

It is said that ‘Hard work is challenging and truly painful but is not  impossible’. If we want to make our life beautiful, make our social systems better and serve our nation in a meaningful way we should work hard. Many argue that the killing spirit which .motivates us and fills in the spirit of hard working is much needed essence today. We need to move forward with the killing spirit with the positive mindset. Such hard work will surely enable us to reach the heights. We must never have the spirit of giving up. When going gets tough, we shall become tougher because tough get go.

A hard working person is expected to be honest, dedicated and committed to his work, this expectation will one day enable him to get into the positive mindset and eventually he will grow out to be a organised positive person. Such persons are real wealth of a nation. Hard working person is a man with definite aim in life, he takes his aim as his passion and strength. This will make him a man of character and help him lead a very happy life. Therefore we all need to work hard with an  optimistic outlook towards everything. This surely will help us achieve our aim and reach to the top.