Believe in yourself




Most of the times we are searching for motivation. Where will we get motivation? Is it from outside or from within? I feel like referring to a  beautiful story from Ramayana, When the Vanara sena, searching for Sita Devi, reached at the south banks of India, many of the Vanaras claiming that they can jump across the Lanka, asked for the permission of Jambavanta, guru of those Vanaras. 

 Jambavanta being a senior and experienced hand knew the capacities of his followers fully well. He searched for the Hanumanta, He, though very strong and capable, was sitting at the corner.  Jambavanta was more than eager to motivate him. Initially Hanumanta hesitated but at the end he showed ken interest in the words of his Guru, rest is well known.

We need motivation. Every journey is equally important, most of us begin well, but not all reach the same length. Some may go few miles and eventually get tired, some even traverse less. Why is this difference? Why do we get tired or hesitate. Some give 60% of product, some 80% and some 100%. Why is this inequality? Most of us drag from the same pool but the pots that we fill in differ.

Is this difference due to external factors or because of our own internalised conditions? When we receive something in the proper seriousness it is bound to create ripples in our thought process and get internalised. Where does the seriousness come from? Is it by the will to succeed? Do you desire to succeed or do you have a will to succeed. There is a lot of difference between mere desire and real will. If you will to succeed any motivation will be useful. If you just desire to succeed, your desire may slowly start fading away. The desire to succeed shall always be clubbed with the will to win. You have the potential to reach the heights and this potential should be encouraged by your own self suggestions.

If you cannot encourage yourself nobody else can keep you encouraged. Start believing in yourself. When you believe in yourself, you will surely encourage you. Think good about yourself, no matter whatever be the life situation, everything changes except change. When you believe in yourself others will start believing in you. Believe in yourself, it is the key which will unlock the door to personal excellence.